Thankful for police assistance


To the Editor:

I want to thank the Edgartown Police for the support given to the Land Bank Commission members and staff, and to me as chairman, at our meeting on Monday. As is usual at our meetings, those who protest the fence at Trade Wind Preserve were present. One person making comments needed to use strong language and profanity. When entering executive session, one person refused to leave, yelled, and was aggressive. I asked for help and quickly received it. Thank you.

Priscilla Sylvia
Oak Bluffs


  1. The incident the writer spoke about when the police were called had nothing to do with the Fence. It had to do with a member of the public questioning whether or not the LB needs to give the name of the town of the property the LB is considering purchasing going into executive session. Those of us against the Fence did speak about how out of touch the LB is with the community. The other passionate speaker happened to mention that the airfield does not have an attendant which could be problematic if unsafe item were to land there. His opinion not mine but, ironically, I am writing this on Sept. 11.

  2. I wish people who are against the fence would refrain from inferring that they represent the entire “community” I don’t have a problem with the fence. I did, however, have a problem with the dogs and the excrement all over the place, which stunk up the whole area. Get it through your heads, it was NOT A DOG PARK. That said, I think the Land Bank could use better materials for the trails.

    • I agree. Property owners from the whole island paid for this property and didn’t know they were signing up for a dog park. There’s plenty of room for a dog park on the capped landfill just down the street.

      • I absolutely agree. The WTF/Poop Everywhere Protectors have this belief their freedoms are being trampled. Their on-going bad behavior continues to prove building the fence was the right decision. This land was never intended to be a dog park. And to Phil Cordella – Why are you referencing the tragedy of 9/11? 9/11 has nothing to do with the ugly WTF movement.

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