McCullough unveils statues

Congressman Stephen Lynch, Governor Charlie Baker, David McCullough, Mayor of Quincy Thomas Koch, Sergey Eylanbekov, and John Adams descendant Benjamin Adams. — Courtesy Regan Communications Gr

Pulitzer prizewinning historian David McCullough, who was a longtime Martha’s Vineyard resident, spoke to a crowd of over 2,000 at Quincy’s grand ceremony recently to dedicate the new green space in the heart of downtown, the Hancock-Adams Common, and reveal two monument-size statues of President John Adams and John Hancock to the public. According to a press release, McCullough, whose Pulitzer-prizewinning biography of the second president recast Adams as one of the nation’s most important founders and was later made into a HBO miniseries, had the honor of unveiling Adams’ statue.



  1. In the story about David McCullough unveiling the statue of John Adams, you use the past tense: “…David McCullough, who was a longtime Martha’s Vineyard resident…” is he not still a Martha’s Vineyard resident?

    • hanley– I don’t think you can criticize people who lived hundreds of years ago for something that was accepted at the time.. Future generations may judge people for such things as owning private jets and yachts, eating meat , and having lots of kids..

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