A lesson for Land Bank


To the Editor:

Thank you for the article concerning the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation adding benches for enjoyment and respite for their guests and walkers. It’s heartwarming to see a group that is interested in giving back to the Island, versus the Land Bank, which seems to be taking away instead of allowing enjoyment of its properties, as in Tradewinds.

Perhaps the 2 percent “contributions” should be redistributed to our other Vineyard conservation groups, who seem to be working with the Island and the people who love it.

Carol Jann
Vineyard Haven


  1. carol- the 2 percent is a tax– it has always been a tax and I don’t think anyone associated with the land bank has ever officially called it a “contribution” . Get over the fact that the land bank’s primary concern is protecting their properties. That includes protecting them from clueless dog owners who let their dogs run on an active landing strip, and damage delicate flora and fauna. If you don’t like land bank policies, boycott them and walk your dog on some other property–

  2. Are you only referring to Tradewinds?
    Visitor comfort and enjoyment is definitely provided on all Land Bank properties.
    Even at Tradewind the seating is provided by the dog walking people on their own and the free poop bags and free disposal is also a service that isn’t provide at other preserves.

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