MVALP is for all speakers of other languages


To the Editor:

Thanks to Abby Remer for spotlighting the work of Martha’s Vineyard Adult Learning Program (MVALP) in the Sept. 20 edition of the paper (“Language learners”). She captured the essence of our program well. I’d like to make one clarification about our program for your readers. MVALP is an ESOL program; which means English for speakers of other languages. Although the majority of students in the program are Brazilian Portuguese speakers, this is a program for anyone whose first language is not English. It is not exclusively for Portuguese speakers. The program has had adult students from 12 countries in some years, with Spanish, Chinese, Bulgarian, and Thai among the first languages of students. All languages and nationalities are accommodated and welcome at MVALP, and contribute to the richness and diversity of the program.

Jeanne Burke
director, MVALP