Vineyard Scene: Weighing in


There is usually a long line waiting outside the Derby headquarters around 8 pm every night these days, waiting for the door to open to allow fishermen and onlookers into the weigh room for the night’s excitement. The only trouble was, over the two nights that I recently visited the scene, there were lots of people but very few fish to be had — maybe a 20 to 1 ratio! That being said, there was always a feeling of good cheer and camaraderie, with folks mingling and sharing tall tales. Of course, there was the overlying grief regarding the untimely death of the Derby’s president, Ed Jerome. But his survivors were all present to make sure the vibe and festive proceedings continued as ever, just the way he would have wanted.


  1. Beautiful Photographs and Thoughts. I do have a hunch that something might be wrong with Photo #2, maybe a Bonito and maybe a different person? Unless there are 2 Pedro Guzmans on Island.

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