Woodin case against hospital settled

Joe Woodin, who was fired from MV Hospital in June 2017, has resigned after a year at a job in Homer, Alaska. –MVT File photo

Updated 4 pm

Joe Woodin, who was fired as CEO of Martha’s Vineyard Hospital in June 2017, has reached a settlement with the hospital.

Woodin had filed for arbitration, claiming wrongful termination. In March, in court filings in Dukes County Superior Court, hospital attorneys claimed Woodin was in default on a $250,000 promissory note that he signed with the hospital.

Word spread over the weekend among supporters of Woodin that his case had been settled in his favor. His ouster, which appeared to come out of nowhere after a little more than a year on the job, sparked outrage in the community.

In an email, Katrina Delgadillo, spokeswoman for the hospital, confirmed the settlement, but offered no further comment. The terms will not be disclosed, she wrote in a follow-up email.

Later in the day, the hospital released the following statement: “Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and Mr. Woodin have reached an agreement. MVH is not disclosing the details of the agreement. Our focus at MVH remains on our mission and work we do to promote the best health care in our community.”

Delgadillo later clarified that the settlement was reached in mediation.

Reached by phone, Woodin, who is now the CEO of a hospital in Homer, Alaska, declined to comment because he has not yet received the check from the settlement.

Woodin’s departure from Martha’s Vineyard Hospital prompted community groups to begin asking questions about the Island hospital’s transparency.

In January, Denise Schepici, a longtime seasonal visitor of the Island, took the reins of Martha’s Vineyard Hospital after a search that included the use of a private consultant.

Updated to include statement from the hospital.