A tale of two stories


To the Editor:

The placement of the two front-page headlines in the Sept. 27 issue was begging for comment.

Let’s, for a moment, talk about the haves and the have-nots, about the “Steamship rate hikes coming” and a woman who must choose between purchasing new clothes and school supplies, or putting food on the table for her two children.

Is anyone else offended? Does anyone else see the microcosm reflection of our American macrocosm? The I-don’t-care syndrome that is currently so prevalent in this country? The Steamship needs a bigger cushion? This is sheer greed to the struggling parents who have zero cushion; or the teachers who must dig into their own pockets to have supplies for their classrooms.

If the Steamship was to be given a grade for this year’s performance, it would have to be a D-. For those parents who are grappling with poverty and wondering where the next meal is coming from, they deserve an A+ for their efforts — they are working, scraping by with no cushy tushy cushion to fall back on.

When the SSA cleans up its act and starts giving back to the community, which it is all too happy to pillage from, then it might be time — to be determined by the Island populace — if they deserve a rate increase.

Wendy Arnell Brophy
Vineyard Haven


  1. Marc Hanover’s 35% of the Steamship Authority Board vote directly determines SSA policy.

    “The Dukes County Commissioners appoint the Martha’s Vineyard’s representative to the Steamship Authority Board or Governors. This appointment is for 3 years.

    Feel free to contact our representative with any issues and comments you have regarding the Steamship Authority operations.

    The vision of the Steamship Authority is to provide excellent customer services through a safe, convenient and efficient transportation system while responding to changing needs and market demands as well as community concerns within a work environment that promotes quality performance and recognition of our employees.”

    See http://www.dukescounty.net/Pages/DukesCountyMA_WebDocmnts/steam

  2. The funds may not be available to properly maintain the fleet, or it’s mismanagement, or both. While I prefer necessities of life be affordable, I insist the boat I’m on not sink beneath my feet.

    Causes may be any vessels are over- worked, Problem

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