Daydream Driving


By Kristen G. Norman

Everytime I
Turn that corner
Parting majestic bulls
Grazing centered
Stone walls lazy
That tree particular
Catches my eye
As a person standing there
Dimly fixed in time
And maybe …
That past by pasture
About old souls
Wonder as trees
Uniquely knotted
Did death occur there?
Births and conceivings
Swooning efflorescence
Branches aloft windward
dainty girl carriaged
Admires outbloom eyelevel
Braids dripping sweet
Honeysuckled waits upon
an oxen pull
Shortening the distance
School bell clangs
echoing a troubled boy
Troubled furroughed
Drags a coated stick
Red mittened chill
Will they marry?
Barely possible or accomplished
Boots filling up
Hundreds of years before
When trees stood

Kristen G. Norman is a wash-ashore of over two decades — from her storylady’s womb, by the shores of Lake Cochituate.