Season’s eatings


To the Editor:

The Island Food Pantry expresses great thanks to all of the seasonal residents and businesses who have donated season-end food over the past month. Many residents and visitors dropped off at our purple boxes or delivered directly to the pantry. We also express thanks to the several real estate firms who collected unused food from their clients. Point B Realty, Sandcastle, and Sandpiper, and the M.V. Family Campground all contributed. We had a definite bump in our donations over the past few weeks, which is greatly appreciated as we enter the fall season.
We especially want to thank the seasonal businesses that have donated food. A few of special note are: Camp Jabberwocky, Lobsterville Bar and Grill, the Chappaquiddick Beach Club, Giordano’s, and the M.V. Campground. Cackleberry Farm and Grey Barn donated many dozens of eggs, the Coast Guard donated, and the Hebrew Center outdid themselves this year with a huge 155-bag drive, their largest yet.

Finally, we received a substantial monetary donation from Feiner Real Estate’s Giving Back, Doing Good campaign, as well as an appreciated grant from the Vineyard Golf Club.

All donations enable us to provide healthy food to those who are struggling, especially as we enter the off-season of low employment opportunities. Visit to see how to contribute.

Thank you all for continued support,


Margaret Hannemann, director

Island Food Pantry