REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS: October 15 – 19, 2018



Oct. 19, Jestina Held, a/k/a Jestina A. Held, sold 12 Old Man Mingo Lane to Anna Katherine Coggins for $1,000,000.



Oct. 17, Donald S. Sexton, 3rd and David B. Sexton, trustees of the Sexton Beach Nominee Trust, sold a lot on Hancock Beach to Robert L. and Judith E. Simons for $520,000.



Oct. 17, Edward J. and Barbara J. Conroy sold 25 Flamingo Drive to Christina Park for $650,000.

Oct. 18, Faith Van Clief sold 13 Plantingfield Way to Bryan M. and Anne K. McDonald for $2,050,000.

Oct. 19, US Bank NA, successor trustee to Bank of America, N.A., successor to LaSalle Bank, N.A., as trustee on behalf of the holders of the Washington Mutual Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates, WMALT Series 2005, and present holder of a mortgage from Scott A. Scanlon and Christopher W. Hunt to MERS as nominee for American Mortgage Network, Inc., DBA American Mortgage Network of MA, sold 31 Pierce Lane to Geoffrey Caraboolad, trustee of Hale Realty Trust, for $1,705,000 by foreclosure deed.

Oct. 19, Nancy V. Furino sold 46 Martha’s Rd. to Clive A. Walcott and Wanjiku Juanita Walcott for $755,000.


Oak Bluffs

Oct. 15, Lori G. Perry, trustee of the Lori G. Perry Revocable Trust, sold 46 Meshaket Way for $715,000.

Oct. 15, Gayle H. Rogers sold a lot on Lawrence Ave. and Hampson Ave. to Omar L. and Raynya C. Simmons for $335,000.

Oct. 16, Linda Schmidt and Cynthia Harrison sold 33 Ocean Ave. to David J. Keefe and Julia Sullivan for $1,296,750.

Oct. 16, Linda Schmidt and Cynthia Harrison sold 33 Ocean Ave. to David J. Keefe and Julia Sullivan Keefe for $1,296,750.

Oct. 17, Preserve at the Woodlands LLC sold 48 Paddock Rd. to Brian E. and Julia C. Flowers for $650,000.

Oct. 19, Bruce C. and Lisa M. Stewart, trustees of the Gohpe Realty Trust, sold 40 Waterview Rd. to Alan Schweikert and Marilyn Moses, trustees of the 40 Waterview Road Realty Trust, for $475,000.

Oct. 19, Raymond N. Phillips sold a lot on Cannahoot St. and Chickawaukee St. to Dionne M. Rogers for $282,000.

Oct. 19, Paul F. and Jane E. Lofgren sold 46 Narragansett Ave. to Kahina Van Dyke and Claudio Casarotti, trustees of the Inkwell House Realty Trust, for $1,575,000.



Oct. 15, Kyle Nicholls Cobb sold 118 Fuller Rd. to Joseph Chester Gibson, 3rd and Elizabeth Knipmeyer Gibson for $1,250,000.

Oct. 16, Karl G. and Linda M. Buder sold a 50% undivided interest in 460 Main St. to MV Thorncroft LLC and a 50% undivided interest to Thorncroft MV LLC for $2,050,000.

Oct. 17, Geordie Gude and Heather H. Gude sold 52 Pint St. to Geoghan E. Coogan, trustee of EJ Realty Trust, for $550,875.


West Tisbury

Arthur Rosenthal sold 37 Stoney Hill Lane to Frances Pizzella and Robert Herlihy for $315,000.