Dog killed by hit-and-run driver


To the Editor:

To the man speeding in his dark Toyota pickup truck who hit head-on and killed our 2-year-old chocolate Lab on Lambert’s Cove Road this morning (Oct. 31): Know what you have done. You hit her so hard I could hear the impact in the house, a hundred yards away. You also drove off without stopping. But the neighborhood horseback riders saw you, and tried to stop you. We have called the West Tisbury police.

To the vet and techs at My Pet’s Vet, thank you for everything.

To the folks on MV who set speed limits, we suggest you consider enforcing them on Lambert’s Cove Road, where they are chronically, egregiously ignored.

We go home to Virginia, from our beloved family summer place here, with such broken hearts.


Mary and Breck Montague
West Tisbury and Gloucester, Va.


  1. I have been continuously drawn back to read this post.
    Although your chocolate lab was only two years old, I’m so certain you gained a huge appreciation for each other.
    Thinking of this makes me incredibly sad.
    I think of my parrot Eliot who I’ve had for 37 years and would feel the same sense of loss without him.
    He is my daily buddy, smart, lively, predictable .. and not…and talks up a storm…sometimes ro a fault.
    The same way I’m certain you felt about your dog.
    Whether our pals are with us for 2 years or 37 they hold a non retrievable place in our hearts which can never be taken.
    Hold tight with the knowledge that another one will find you; it always happens like that.

    Godspeed in your grief process, you will survive.

  2. It’sso sad that your dog was killed. That the driver did’t stop makes me angry. You don’t say by your dog was lose out in the road. That confuses me.

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