Edgartown emergency crews receive cardiac awards

Personnel recognized for saving a Connecticut man’s life.


Edgartown Police Department, Fire Department, and emergency medical personnel were recognized at an awards ceremony Friday for their efforts in saving a man’s life in September.

Fire Chief Alex Schaeffer gave a short speech at the ceremony in the Edgartown Fire Museum building. He praised the efforts of the emergency personnel involved with saving Island visitor Mike Neubert’s life. Neubert, who lives in Connecticut, suffered an apparent heart attack and crashed his vehicle near the Kelley House in Edgartown. A quick response from town emergency personnel is credited with saving his life.

“When those actions give a family another chance to see a loved one, that job is something that should be recognized,” Chief Schaeffer said. “It is through the cooperative teamwork of all of you that we have Mr. Neubert here today to present the cardiac care awards.”

Neubert personally handed out the awards, which were given to emergency personnel who participated in successful resuscitation efforts.

Police Chief Bruce McNamee added to Chief Schaeffer’s comments, pointing out that Det. Mike Snowden was off duty at the time. He also said that a successful resuscitation is rare, and has a low success rate. “This just shows how seamlessly police and fire work together here within the town of Edgartown,” he said. “None of us are ever off duty. Just because we’re off the clock doesn’t mean there aren’t expectations of us all.”

Neubert has been visiting the Island for more than 30 years with his family. Smiling and shaking hands, he thanked the chiefs for reaching out and allowing him to present the awards. He also thanked police, fire, and EMT personnel for getting his basset hound, Josie, safely out of the vehicle on the day of the incident.

“I am just thrilled to be standing before you, but I’m even more thrilled to have this opportunity to meet the folks that saved my life, to thank them individually from the bottom of my heart,” he said. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Neubert handed out awards to Police Det. Snowden, Sgt. Joel DeRoche, ambulance coordinator paramedic firefighter Brenden Cooney, paramedic firefighters Joshua Baker, Brian Foster, and EMT firefighters Trevor Scanlon, Micah Agnoli, and paramedic Haley Krauss.

Neubert’s wife, Deborah, his son, also named Mike, and Josie attended the ceremony. Several town officials, including town administrator James Hagerty, selectmen Arthur Smadbeck, Mike Donaroma, and Margaret Serpa, and several members of the town’s police, fire, and EMT departments were also in attendance.

“It’s pretty amazing what these folks did. We’re just thankful that they were able to be where they were and respond to save his life,” Neubert’s son said.


  1. Outstanding to see the Island’s EMT’s and Paramedics being recognized, since so often their hard work and dedication goes unrecognized or acknowledged. Keep up the great work!

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