By Rick Glassberg

They are a singular, superior creation.

From the time I knew this, I’ve treasured

and loved women.

I wouldn’t have succeeded or survived in life

without a woman as my rock.

Their god given souls are all at once sensitive,

caring, intuitive, empathetic, loving, sexual.

In their own way, they are all beautiful.

Their luxurious hair frames

flashing eyes, luscious lips and soft,

sweet, unblemished faces.

Kissing a woman is electric and comfortable

and stimulating at the same time.

Their curving, tactile bodies are

fascinating to the look and touch.

They populate the planet and deeply love

their children throughout their lives.

Men who doubt women’s critical

role in humanity or dare to disparage them

will never be a whole person.

Rick Glassberg was a New York marketer who came ashore in 1994 and was advertising manager for the Gazette, marketing manager for Tashmoo Insurance, wrote and published “Magic Time,” said to be the best guide to the Island, and just finished a novel for older children.