Repulsed by racially insensitive display


To the Editor:

It has come to the attention of the Martha’s Vineyard NAACP that a store in Vineyard Haven put up a racially offensive holiday display. Our organization as well as many of our Island neighbors and friends are repulsed.

It is NEVER appropriate to display African Americans in ridiculing blackface.

A concerned shopper entered the store and demanded that the display be dismantled, and it was. We appreciate the actions she took.

Now we are asking that we all become “concerned shoppers” and report racially insensitive occurrences. Racism is not unique to the corners of Martha’s Vineyard, nor the state, nor the nation. The important thing here is the willingness to speak up and then work to resolve the situation.

We of the MV NAACP will be working with Le Roux and anyone else who wants to identify, resolve and/or mediate such situations. Please join with us.

In the struggle,


Erik Blake, president, MV NAACP

On behalf of the executive board


  1. Yet you are not repulsed by the obvious inequities within the Martha’s Vineyard justice system, whereby your fellow law enforcement officers for whom there is probable cause of law breaking, are treated very differently from ordinary citizens? This doesn’t “repulse you? Or did I somehow miss your Letter To The Editor, condemning such unequal treatment?

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