Fewer wells testing positive for PFAS


The investigation into contamination from per- or polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) continues at Martha’s Vineyard Airport, and this week’s results are encouraging.

Out of 76 private well samples tested so far, 12 have exceeded 70 parts per trillion (ppt) for PFAS, which is the advisory set for the contaminant by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP), according to an email from Ron Myrick, who is leading the investigation for Tetra Tech, the airport’s environmental consultant. The contaminant is likely from firefighting foam used at the airport.

Results to date continue to show that the primary area of elevated concentrations of PFAS is in the area closest to Edgartown–West Tisbury Road in the originally targeted study area,” he wrote in an email.

An additional 23 well samples were taken this week, and are pending analysis, he wrote.

The airport is providing bottled water at homes with elevated PFAS results.


  1. What a ridiculous headline, for once not the fault of the excellent wordsmiths at the MV Times. Declaring that “fewer wells” are poisoned by these chemicals is a little like declaring “fewer wives are testing positive for domestic beatings”. The only acceptable number is zero.

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