Vandalism unnerves Edgartown neighborhood

Damaged property at several homes on North Water Street prompts police response.


Updated Dec. 23

A string of vandalism in Edgartown caused damage of varying degrees to several homes early Friday morning. The damage is connected to what police believe to be a house party at a nearby home, involving teenagers from off-Island.

Police Chief Bruce McNamee told The Times that at around 7 am, a person walking a dog noticed damage to several properties along North Water Street.

Officers were dispatched to the street and conducted a canvass of the area, finding 14 locations with varying degrees of damage. Some had broken fences, smashed windows, knocked-over furniture, and broken glass doors.

At a home on 86 North Water St., police discovered the back door open and damaged, and a broken back window. Officers entered the home and found the homeowner’s 16-year-old daughter and about a dozen other underage guests, mostly from Greenwich, Conn., who had had a party the night before.

McNamee said there was a large amount of alcohol debris throughout the house. Edgartown police did not observe any narcotics.

Further investigation determined that two of the party’s attendees left the house around 4 am Friday morning and damaged the neighboring properties. Edgartown Police then arrested a 17-year-old male and Gavin Scotti III, an 18-year-old male, and took them to the Dukes County jail. Other members of the group were scheduled to leave on a chartered flight Friday.

Edgartown police are working with the Cape and Islands District Attorney’s office to determine how the two males will be charged, but McNamee expects them to be charged with 13 counts of destruction of property. There will most likely be charges against the homeowner’s daughter, as well.

The investigation is ongoing, but McNamee said he expects police will find more damage. He asked property owners in the area to report any damage or review any surveillance footage they may have of two white teenage males from early Friday morning.

Updated to include Gavin Scotti III name. — Ed.


  1. Where were the Parents of the 16 year old ? Taking a charter flight from Greenwich with a dozen of her friends to The Vineyard for a party seems like a lot for the Parents to miss.Let’s hope charges for them are brought up also.

  2. “underage guests, mostly from Greenwich, Conn., ”
    “Other members of the group were scheduled to leave on a chartered flight Friday.”
    ’nuff said.

  3. Thanks to the Edgartown Police for catching these felons. Lets see how daddy tries to buy out Biff and Buffy from their felony charges. I’m sure the neighbors will be thrilled to know what sort of entitled destructive brat preppies live next door. DISGRACEFULL.

  4. So glad to see the summer kids are back. I guess we now have to fly in kids to do the vandalism our island youth are too lazy or drug-addled to do.
    I remember the days when we were kids. We would never have thought of taking things to this level.
    I’m sure the little darlings family bailed them out of jail with a company American express card

  5. It appears that the Edgartown Police did a great job in the investigation of this despicable occurrence but…sending the majority of these “Partiers” off island so quickly just smells bad. These young people will have to pay the consequences of their actions, but the real guilty people are the parents who allowed this event to happen . If these parents couldn’t foresee this potential outcome they either lack basic parenting skills or more probably…just don’t care. We are lucky no one hopped in a car and killed someone! Whoever sold this group alcohol needs to be prosecuted…..whoever bought for them should be prosecuted…..if a young unchaperoned group was given the use of a house where alcohol was staged for their use, the owner should be prosecuted! Everyone must closely watch the development of this case to assure that justice prevails over slaps on the wrist and promises to be good in the future.

    • Jackie– Great comment — . While this may not be the best way to get nominated for the supreme court, it certainly seems it would not be a hinderance to confirmation.

    • Free speech and all that, but you’re not doing any good for an image of impartiality by current police officers.

      • I was almost thirteen in ’69 and hanging around downtown when Ted had the accident. I knew the guy who flew him to Hyannis,,,I guess you missed the parallel’s of the news account and my comment. Lighten up

      • You’re confusing the police with a jury. If there is ever ANY doubt, the police will not take out charges. If they have enough evidence to make an arrest and charge someone they will. Its up to the court system to make that ‘impartiality’ judgement.
        When presented with sufficient evidence that a crime was committed, the police are required by law to act upon it.

        • The two of you are equating severity. Meantime, if Mr Condlin has the resume his posting name suggests, I would not trust him to advise on police procedures.

          • The police take an ‘oath’ and are ‘sworn’ to uphold the law. They must enforce it, not ‘opine’ on its severity in the court of public opinion and ignore a crime. That judgment is for the court to interpret. I’m sure the owners of the property that was damaged by these punks would have a different opinion of the ‘severity’ of it. And if the property owner that hosted the party was a ‘good neighbor’, he should contact those whose properties were damaged by his guests and arranged for repairs and cleanups, instead of waiting for the court to impose it on Mr. Scotti ‘the 3rd’. Im sure senior and junior are proud of their namesake.

        • Having no way of knowing how long the legal process will take, it is to be hoped the ‘good neighbor’ will assist now.

  6. Jackie, There was no mention of attempts to deflower young damsels. Coming from Greenwich I’m sure they are all Limousine Liberals in Training. Rules for them are not the same,just saying.

    • Mv part of the problem with our divided society comes from the attitude that whatever happens it is the other sides fault. It’s always liberals immigrants or Obama. pretty narrow minded and likely untrue.

    • Jackie suggested there are some who consider drinking and illegal behavior as acceptable behavior even if the young lad in question is considering a future in law, even a seat in the federal court system.

      Given he and his friends departed on a chartered flight suggests suggests wealth. What professions do you feel said young lad should be allowed to pursue?

    • I found that, too. It’s reasonable to expect the homeowners knew the other parents. If I were any of the parents, I would have blown a gasket. But kids will be kids; the sooner the incident is dealt with between parents, the sooner life can go on. To make it known compensation was offered would go a long way.

      But leaving teenagers unattended to party? Yikes.

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