Tisbury firefighters extinguish chimney fire

Tisbury firefighters respond to a chimney fire late Sunday.

The Tisbury Fire Department responded to a chimney fire at a home on the corner of Paula Avenue and Lambert’s Cove Road at about 5:15 pm Sunday night. Firefighters arrived to find smoke and flames issuing from the chimney. The department employed a chimney chain to bust through burning material midway down the chimney, according to Tisbury Fire Chief John Schilling. No water was necessary, he said.

The chimney vented a wood stove, which was inspected, he said. The entire length of the chimney and the stove pipe connected to it was examined with a thermal imaging device to rule out residual pockets of heat, he said, and none was found. Firefighters also checked the air quality of the home. The fire department began clearing from the scene at about 6:15 pm. No injuries were reported.



  1. who would have known that the Tisbury fire department had a chimney chain ? great planning ,great preparation, great job.

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