Time to fix the flood


To the Editor:

Regarding the flood zone between the fire station and the Oak Bluffs transfer station at Trade Winds Avenue: It’s not in a flood zone, but every time it rains it does flood. And it has been flooding for at least the past five years.The town can pay to send people out to put out and pick up signs, at what cost?

A couple weeks ago they even sent out pumps and hoses to mitigate the problem. When is the problem going to be fixed rather than mitigated? Vehicles are crossing into the wrong lane to avoid the water, and may create a head-on accident. How about someone who does not know about the flooding problem, and hits the water at speed with kids in the car, hydroplanes into a tree or pole, and someone dies? It’s time to start fixing problems instead of mitigating, before the town is mitigating with someone’s lawyer, which will come out of taxpayers’ dollars. Time for the DPW to step up, or we may all go down swimming.


Keith Linscott
Oak Bluffs