Veterans wouldn’t approve of concerts


To the Editor:

This August, at the height of our busiest season, Veterans Memorial Park is going to be sold to a group of off-Island promoters to hold rock concerts for three days.

This is not what the veterans had in mind when they made this park, and not what they intended for it to be used as when they gave it to the town of Tisbury.

I live next to the park on Causeway Road, and see it enjoyed constantly by the people of this town for recreation. It has never been abused, and is a joy to have in our neighborhood.

Now a promoter from someplace off-Island wants to have 6,000 to 7,000 people each night come to the park in the middle of August, with vendors and alcohol being served. This is not what this park was meant to be used for.

I have always been of the impression that our selectpeople were voted in to help us in times of need like this … if they won’t help us, we have no recourse.

This is not right, and there is nothing we can do about it.

Shirley Kennedy
Vineyard Haven


  1. Actually…there is something we can all do…go out and enjoy the world class music that will be played. It’s one weekend…not the whole summer. Most of the vets I know (including me) will probably be there.

  2. These are exactly the sort of freedoms our veterans fought for, to be able to enjoy summer music, outdoors in a park. Free from tyranny. I don’t get how this concert is inconsistent with those values?

  3. You are so right Shirley.How could our Selectpersons not recognize. the impact these events are going to have on residents of this town.They have stated that they will review the impact of this year’s events before approving another next year. Don’t they know that State Road in the town of Tisbury is considered a “failed roadway” by the Mass DOT? It took at almost a half century for the turf at WAR VETERANS PARK to be improved to the point where it could be reliably used.During these events as many as 20 thousand people could be trampling the field before the sports season there is over. Care more for your residents than for “Honkey Tonk” promoters flim flamming like Trump !

    • doc– good point about the turf– there should be a clause that the organizers pay to have it put back in shape.

  4. I’m generally a music festival enthusiast, so I don’t mean to be a stick-in-the-mud when I ask what the plan is if there is hard rain for those three days? With 6,000 people each day, there will be some serious mud and damage to the fields. Is there a contingency plan for the possibility of excessive rain?

  5. pfluger —Nice pun– I don’t think there would have to be a hard rain (another pun perhaps ?) to seriously damage the turf on the fields.

  6. dondon the Times has stated previously the condition of the promoter to have to return the field to the original , if not better, condition. The Doc, 20,000 people? really. 6500 is the number in the paper including staff and concert goers. Good job with facts.

  7. Shirley Kennedy what veterans have you talked to? I dont believe you spoke to any and asked to be allowed to speak on our behalf. You should have gone to the VH American Legion and gotten their opinion and approval to speak on their behalf.
    Oh I see “You Live Next Door”!!
    I am a veteran, a VH resident, I am not in favor of the concert but because the island is totally overcrowded as it is in July never mind August.
    Again you should have gotten in touch with the Legion before you use our names!

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