Even Tom Brady prefers grass


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To the Editor:

I’ve heard the arguments against natural grass. Parents and coaches want their children and players to practice on good, safe fields, not fields full of holes and hardened bare spots. This makes sense to me.

Then I learned that the only reason the MVRHS fields are full of holes is because they have been severely neglected.

As a fix, the MVRHS is considering installing one plastic field. This flies in the face of the other laudable efforts on our Island to move away from plastic. We have banned plastic bags, straws, and are working on balloons and plastic bottles. Meanwhile, in less than two years, the Field Fund has proven that with proper aeration and irrigation, grass fields thrive. There is no need for plastic fields.

Additionally, grass is also less expensive than plastic. And you don’t have to completely replace it every eight years. The money that the MVRHS will save can be better spent on our children’s education.

Back in 2006, the Patriots tore up their natural grass surface and replaced it with synthetic turf. But in 2016, Tom Brady stated that he’d rather go back to natural grass. “I think most players prefer grass,” Brady said, “I think it’s easier to land on the grass …”

On Feb. 4 at 5 pm, the MVRHS will vote on its path forward. Please come to the meeting and show your support for grass. It is less expensive, safer, and good enough for the best quarterback in NFL history.

Thomas Bena

This letter has been updated at the request of the letter writer. -Ed.


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