Cape Cod 5 awards grant to Island Food Pantry


Cape Cod 5 is giving a $7,500 grant to the Island Food Pantry to support their work during the high-demand winter months.

The grant is part of $100,000 in collective grants the bank is giving out to local food pantries who see increased demand in the long winter months. The grant is an extension of bank’s support for those affected by the partial government shutdown. The bank will continue to collect food, toiletries, and baby care items at its banking centers.

“Cape Cod 5 has a history of supporting the work of the Island Food Pantry and their mission to ensure access to food for Island residents in need,” said Richard Leonard, regional president of Martha’s Vineyard for Cape Cod 5. “Especially during this time of increased need brought on by the government shutdown, we are pleased to continue this support with an accelerated and increased donation.”



  1. As a volunteer of the food pantry, it makes me proud to not only serve the needs of the community, but to represent all the best intentions of those who give. Cape Cod 5 is most fortunate to have Richard Leonard holding steady the positive impact we provide to those who would otherwise go without. Having been just in that position myself years ago, it made all the difference for me to receive this simple gift. And for those who are looking to give? The first step on the ladder of giving is with empathy… it just never goes out of style!

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