Oak Bluffs: The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf


The weather is warmer, the Super Bowl is over, and the Patriots won, so hopefully we will be spared the constant interruptions to our TV viewing with breaking-news flashes which gave unimportant information regarding Patriots players and plans, sometimes no more important than Tom Brady lost an eyelash. Not that I do not like football, but if we keep getting such trivial news as breaking news, when there really is something of immediate importance that we really needed to know, we will not pay attention. Remember: “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.”

So sorry I missed writing last week, but a visit to our local ER for a minor problem turned into a discovery of a more serious diagnosis. So after almost a week as an impatient, I am happy to report that I have returned home with a heart beating to a regular rhythm and great admiration for the staff at our Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, from custodians, reception, radiology, to PT, pharmacy, doctors, nurses, CNAs and social workers, was so caring, helpful, and knowledgeable. The dietitian department under the capable leadership of Chris Porterfield and his staff went over and above in preparing tasty and attractive meals. I hope I have not forgotten anyone who contributed to my care and recovery, but you all were great, and my wish is that everyone realizes how blessed we are to have such a caring facility and staff on our Island.

Sympathy to the family and friends of Eileen Cryer, who died last week in Boston. Eileen was a classmate of mine at the Tisbury School, where she was an outstanding athlete in every sport. We are so very sorry.

And dear Will Farrissey left us too early, after many years of battling for good health. My heart hurts when I think of the love he gave to so many of us. A cousin to my family, children, and grandchildren, we miss his large and loving presence in our lives and especially his “lift off the ground” hugs and “I love you” whenever we met. Our love and sympathy go to his parents, Kathy and Andy Farrissey, his siblings Andrew and Colleen and her husband Patrick, his grandparents Bill and Maureen Anderson, and his numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins. He loved them all so much, and they returned that love to him. Smooth sailing on calm waters, Will. As you vanish over the horizon and we wave farewell, there are those who went before you on the other shore waiting to embrace you in their loving arms.

There are three chances to see the Wicked Good Musical Revue at the M.V. Playhouse. Performances will be held this Friday, Feb. 8, and Saturday, Feb. 9, at 7 pm and Sunday, Feb. 10, at 2 pm. Local performers will make up the cast.

Martha’s Vineyard Community Services is pleased to announce that the Island Wide Youth Collaborative (IWYC) has expanded its immigration resource center from once a month to twice a month. The services will be available on the first and third Friday of every month. The IWYC, in partnership with the Immigration Resource Center of the Community Action Committee of Cape Cod and the Islands, brings free, expert legal advice to those on Island needing help with immigration issues. The program began in the fall of 2016. Rather than have clients call the Hyannis office or make trips off-Island, the IWYC brought the Immigration Resource Center to Martha’s Vineyard. An immigration attorney is available at the IWYC building on the MVCS campus from 9 am to 3 pm to answer questions, provide assistance with forms, and give advice. Appointments are required to meet with the immigration attorney. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 508-693-7900, ext. 410.

Our Oak Bluffs School continues to be the center of education and many interesting extracurricular activities. Basketball and volleyball practices have started, seventh grade students have been away on their annual ski trip all week, and will be returning home Friday, and don’t miss the PTO Cake Walk fundraiser on this Saturday. For more info, please call the school office.

Our Oak Bluffs library is offering Cookie Decorating on Saturday, Feb. 9, from 10 to 11 am. Kids can decorate delicious cookies with icing and sprinkles. Registration is required. Ages up to 8 will enjoy bilingual storytime on Tuesdays at 11 am, Wednesdays at 10:30 am is Alpha-Bits storytime for ages 3 and up, and Thursday at 11 am is the book babies story time.

We send belated birthday smiles to Bethany deBettencourt on Jan. 21, Noah Hoyt and Judy Searle on Feb. 1, Emma Williamson on the 3rd, my grandson Matt Rivers on the 4th, Maureen Anderson and Bella Pasqualino on the 5th, and Kelly Irene Pacheco on the 6th. Smiles to Chloe Hoyt, Marc Rivers, and Sally Scott on the 7th, Adam Barmakian and Nelson deBettencourt on the 10th, Juanita Suarez-Espino and Cody Pachico on the 11th, Melissa Kalagher and Simone Davis on the 12th, Tory Pasqualino on the 13th, and Susan Christopher on Feb. 14.

Enjoy your week. Peace.