Edgartown student heads to Islandwide spelling bee


On Wednesday, Feb. 13, students at the Edgartown School gathered in the gymnasium for the annual school spelling bee.

These 11 students represented each of their homerooms after winning their individual classwide spelling bees: Kayla Bundza, Brooklyn Peterson, Addison McDonough, Syius Rivera, Nazare McIntosh, Victor De Souza, Nolan Murphy, M.J. Magaraci, Clarissa Pinto, Clara Cabral, and Alex Walsh.

According to a press release from the school, after 24 rounds of impressive competition including words like “Leipzig” and “auf Wiedersehen,” seventh grader Clarissa Pinto took home first prize with her winning word, “riviera.”

Not only did Clarissa try hard to succeed in the bee, the release states, she showed her good sportsmanship and embraced fifth grade runner-up Nazare McIntosh after it was over.

Clarissa arrived in the U.S. at the end of her fourth-grade year, and now she’ll take her talent to the Island-wide spelling bee next month.