The Big Question: Aquinnah Cliffs Casino


Should the construction for the Aquinnah Cliffs Casino be able to proceed without the MVC having jurisdiction over the project?

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The answer is No.
It is a DRI. The Tribe should not be allowed to build their casino
without MVC review.

– Katherine Scott


– Michael K Schweitzer

As a Tribal member I find myself between a rock and a hard place. I do not want a casino in Aquinnah BUT if it is going to happen the Tribe must consider how this enterprise will effect neighbors, traffic, noise control, parking, area lighting, etc. etc. It is agreed that the Tribe has a right to build what it wants on sovereign land.  You cannot access the casino without going through other municipalities and therein lies the problem.The MVC has a vehicle to address these issues (DRI). NO MAN IS AN ISLAND

– Beverly Wright