Peter Pan policy doesn’t fly


To the Editor:

Thanks to Molly Purves in The Times’ Aquinnah column last week, I too was flabbergasted, aghast, infuriated, and appalled by this latest negative ruling by Peter Pan Bus Lines. If we Islanders considered our uncertain fate under the thumb of the SSA to be detrimental to our physical and mental well-being, consider the draconian, devious Peter Pan innovation. We might generously concede that during the hectic summer months of July and August, such a plan might indeed be necessary, but in off-season, to inflict such an unkind gesture on us who depend on its services is indeed disgraceful.

In their infinite boardroom wisdom, Peter Pan has instituted a new ruling that we passengers must order our tickets in advance, indicating the exact time of day and hour we wish to board. How could we possibly know for certain such an agreement could be adhered to, based alone on the uncertain scheduling we encounter with the SSA?

Who among us could possibly, especially after a long flight, unanticipated lengthy wait in doctors’ offices, unforeseen traffic jams, accidents, sudden illness, or terrible weather conditions, predict with any degree of certainty the exact hour and minute we could board a Peter Pan bus? Impossible! If we fail to show up at the designated exact time, we forfeit our fee, which in many instances could creates undue financial hardship, and we must then rebook and repay.

How unkind, inconsiderate, and shocking to us on this tiny isle! Peter Pan needs to rethink this, their new devastating passenger policy, except as stated earlier, perhaps during July and August, when seats may indeed be difficult to obtain.

Please, Peter Pan management, kindly reconsider this shocking and ill-conceived new rule, and give us already harried and harassed year-rounders a much-needed break.

Doreen Kinsman
Vineyard Haven


  1. I just emailed Peter Pan Bus about their unfair policy. I urge everyone to submit a customer feedback online.

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