Cable raises questions about wind farm


To the Editor:

I was thinking about Vineyard Wind and the main power cable the company wants to run through Muskeget Channel across Tom Shoal, by Horseshoe Shoal, to the Cape across the squids’ spawning groups, and I ask myself, Why?

Climate change came to mind first. As a fisherman, I believe in cycles. The climate has been changing since the earth formed. Drought and ice ages happened in the past, and will happen in the future. It is stated that if the U.S. completely stopped emitting carbon into the atmosphere, the earth’s temperature would be one-tenth of a degree cooler. It has to be a worldwide effort!

To me, these three proposed wind farms are a money grab, business venture with taxpayers on the hook. There is nothing Vineyard about Vineyard Wind. I wonder how many of the company executives own electric cars, stopped flying, or practice what they preach. A few people are going to make a lot of money, and a lot of us are going to pay for it.

It bothers me that these companies think they can fool the public that they are doing the projects to save the earth. Be truthful and say it is a money-making venture. I think of Al Gore and his rhetoric, which made him rich. I think of the whales that frequent the windmill areas. I think of the lobster and dragger men having to deal with closures due to the right whales. How can 1,400 square miles of windmills be allowed to emit low-frequency sound waves that affect mammals?

Count the whales there are now, and see how many are there after 20 years of this business plan. As far as the cable, it is going to traverse a lot of shallow water. Look at the Wasque Point in the ’80s, and look at it now. That’s how much Mother Nature moves sand around! Running the cable through deeper water on the Block Island side makes better sense, in my opinion. There is a new lobster fishery off of windmills in England. I spoke with a lobsterman who said they buried cables two meters deep.

Glenn Pachico
Vineyard Haven