Move over, pinkletinks, the osprey has landed

In this file photo, an osprey brings food back to a nest. — Ralph Stewart

The first osprey of the year has arrived on the Island, bringing with it a reminder of spring.

Zachary Klumick, a dock builder from Edgartown, said that he was out at Watcha Pond Friday at 4:30 pm when he caught a fleeting glimpse of the bird of prey as it flew across the water heading west.

According to Klumick, the osprey was flying solo, and wasn’t holding any nest-making material. Klumick said he didn’t spot any nests nearby. “It was just cruising,” Klumick said.

Meanwhile, Rob Gatchell of Oak Bluffs brought by some witch hazel today — another harbinger of spring. Gatchell said the yellow flowering bush had been in bloom since February.