Wants to pass on new baggage policy


To the Editor:

I am writing to express my dismay in the new Cape Air baggage transfer policy. As of January, the following change occurred (from the Cape Air website):

“Baggage Check-Throughs with Other Airlines

“Effective January 10, 2019, we will no longer be able to courtesy check through bags onward to other carriers when the itinerary is not already booked together on the same ticket. We will continue to check baggage through to any other carrier when the full itinerary is booked together and issued on the same ticket. TravelPass customers will still have the capability to do courtesy check-throughs.

“TravelPass customers will continue to have courtesy check-throughs to the following air carriers: American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Delta Airlines, Seaborne Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Condor Airlines, Qatar Airlines, and United Airlines.”

So today, a passenger can check in, go through security, fly to Boston, exit the area, pick up bags, check into their next airline, go through the bag drop-off for a second time, go back through security to get to their gate. Why the change in process? Cape Air says book the whole process through the other airline, in this case, JetBlue. JetBlue says they don’t have access to all Cape Air flights, and can’t book the ticket. There were three people on the flight today. Cape Air says many people are unaware of the new policy. Certainly, the Cape Air offer is to buy a travel pass — at 10 tickets a pass.

It seems to me that this is one more block of ease in traveling to and from Martha’s Vineyard. This policy is not customer-friendly. Hmm, will we have to “pass” on flying Cape Air in the future? This policy gives me pause to review my other options.


Mary L. Kuh Ambulos


  1. Hello Ms. Ambulos,
    I understand your frustration with our new baggage policy. It was changed because the other airlines we were connecting to were complaining that they were not receiving their baggage fee. As you pointed out, if your reservations with Cape Air are booked together with the connecting airline, then baggage can be checked through to your final destination. Please feel free to call me any time and I will be glad to assist you. Colin Ewing, Cape Air Manager

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