Growth opportunity for town


To the Editor:

I am writing to ask for your support of the proposed warrant article that would permit cultivation of recreational marijuana in the LI1 and LI2 (airport park) Districts of West Tisbury and permit sales of both medical and recreational marijuana in the LI2 District (airport park), all by special permit.

The operations of both medical and recreational marijuana are highly regulated by the state, requiring extensive security, product tracking (for anti-diversion) and rigid cultivation and production manufacturing guidelines.

In April 2018, a bylaw was overwhelmingly passed by the voters of West Tisbury permitting the sale of recreational marijuana in the Mixed Business District. It did not address cultivation.

Passage of this bylaw would permit cultivation in the LI1 District, where the cultivation of medical marijuana is currently permitted, and further expand it to the LI2 District (airport park).

Passage could result in the town generating up to 6 percent of gross revenue from the sales of recreational marijuana (medical marijuana is not taxed).

This would be prudent business on the part of the town.

Geoff Rose
Patient Centric of Martha’s Vineyard