MVH Profile: Dr. Ellen McMahon

Courtesy Dr. Ellen McMahon.

Dr. Ellen McMahon: Family medicine physician at MVH physician group, medical director of Windemere, and vice-chair of the medical executive committee

What are your responsibilities?
I work most days with our team to try to help our patients get the primary care they need both at MVH and through referrals to a network of specialists. I also participate in quality improvements for the clinical care of the residents of Windemere.
How did you happen to come here?
I was on an active track to be an academic physician. I found the hospital community at MVH to be a small, progressive, and caring group, which was lost in larger hospital settings, so I decided to stay, and I found out what a rewarding and enriching experience this can be.
What is the most rewarding part of your job?
Providing care to families from birth to end of life was always my dream, and I have been able to do that here at MVH.


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