Dukes County ranked 50th healthiest community

Among the 10 categories that contribute to overall health of a community is the environment, and the Island surely has one of the best, according to U.S. News.

U.S. News ranked America’s 500 healthiest communities for 2018–19, and Dukes County ranked No. 50 overall, and No. 1 in Massachusetts. Communities were ranked across 10 categories that drive overall health: community vitality, equity, economic performance, education, environment, food and nutrition, population health, availability and affordability of housing, public safety, and infrastructure. U.S. News scored 3,000 counties total.

Dukes County scored highest in infrastructure, education, and community vitality (measured through indicators like population growth and voter participation). It scored lowest in housing. Life expectancy was measured at 82.1 years, which is above the national median of 79. Smoking rate was a low 13.4 percent.

This is the second annual Healthiest Communities ranking, compiled in collaboration with the Aetna Foundation. The goal is to draw a clear link between where people live and how well they live, and for how long, according to U.S. News.

Douglas County, Colo., ranked No. 1, followed by Los Alamos County, N.M., and Falls Church, Va. Iowa was the most represented state in the list.

To see the entire list, visit usnews.com.


  1. James– I looked at the link you provided here. file:///C:/Users/DONDON~1/AppData/Local/Temp/Opioid-related-Overdose-Deaths-by-County-February-2019-3.pdf
    Of the over 15,822 opioid related deaths in Mass. from 2000 to 2017 only 29 occurred in Dukes county– of the 14 counties, only Nantucket had less, at 12 —
    perhaps you just want to be negative, but them’s the facts..
    Opioid deaths also bring the life expectancy down.. on that one, Dukes again ranked higher than average.

  2. I am personal friends with a family which has suffered two of these losses. I come from a position that even one is too many here in Dukes County.
    We may not be the worst looking at that chart, but even one ought to disqualify you from any “healthiest” chart.
    If I was only here to be “negative”, I would be picking on the Tisbury Police or SSA. Those are easy targets I don’t have to break a sweat over.

    • James — The word “healthiest” implies a comparison.
      Your original comment was not only factually incorrect, but negative as well.
      I happen to think highly of the Tisbury police department, by the way.

    • James– I have lost close friends throughout my life to heroin, and a very close friend to this epidemic just a few years ago.

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