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To the Editor:

I am writing in support of the herbicide home rule article that will be on the warrant for several upcoming town meetings in April; it has already been approved by Aquinnah, Tisbury, and West Tisbury. Passage of the article by the rest of the Vineyard towns would send a strong message to the state legislature that utilities like Eversource can’t spray without our permission. Many Vineyarders have advocated in favor of the article, especially because of the dangers of the widely used herbicide glyphosate, a prime ingredient in Roundup and other herbicides.

Glyphosate is being banned in Europe and California, and now a jury in San Francisco has awarded $80 million to a plaintiff who stated that his use of Roundup caused him to contract cancer. If all of our towns approve the article, we will be backing Sen. [Julian] Cyr and Rep. [Dylan] Fernandes with their bills in the state Senate and House. Once those bills are passed by the legislature, our town boards of health will be able to provide oversight, at which time they can jointly acquire the services of a consultant to provide expert advice, if needed.

Please vote for herbicide home rule.


Jed Katch


  1. Glyphosate is not banned in Europe and it is not banned in California and the verdict on the jury reading will be appealed. Science says glyphosate is safe. Please get your facts right. Votes and amendments and lots of noise is not banning.

    • “Science says glyphosate is safe”. C’mon andrew, that’s like saying the gov’t never wastes tax money, or that the SSA has stellar management! Who’s science are you referring to, Monsanto’s? US gov’t? Why on earth would you believe that a synthetic man-made compound engineered to kill one class of living organisms wouldn’t harm another? Why do you think the label on the product directs the applicator to dress appropriately to shield oneself from the product? I don’t want the gov’t to ban something on my behalf, but I believe it’s everybody’s responsibility to educate themselves on a topic and apply some common sense where it’s needed. You can bicker with dondondon all you want, but don’t try to call any chemical ‘safe’ just because somebody else says it is. At one time, ‘science’ said DDT and Agent Orange were A-OK to use as well.

      • andycaruso. for the same reason I would say that if you drink too much water you will kill yourself. Its all about how its used and the part per billion. And yes DDT is safe and has saved millions of lives from Malaria. I dont want you to drink it Caruso can you at least understand the bare minimum?

  2. dondondon. I said glyphosate is not banned in Europe. That is a true statement.Conflating ”banned and restricted” to mean banned is false. There is no country where it is totally banned. I stand by the statement. You who believe in Science completely disregard all scientific evidence and research that says Glyphosate is safe and not a carcinogenic. Your statement that there are ”tremendous number of countries that ban” is FALSE. You made it up. You manufactured it.

        • Thank you for the compliment. You, the author of many a “snarky” attack, take yourself too seriously. A typical response is to disagree completely with facts then attack an author. “Your statement that there are ”tremendous number of countries that ban” is FALSE. You made it up. You manufactured it.” Case in point, just like trump. Lighten up.

        • Andrew– perhaps you are not aware that we live in an “alternative fact” world now, where “the truth in not the truth”.
          I never disagreed with you that europe has not totally banned glyphosphate.
          How far do you want to take the semantics? The author of the article states “Glyphosate is being banned in Europe and California,” . Look at my link– Jed is absolutely correct– it is being banned by at least 27 countries, as well as the state of California — No one (including myself) claimed it was ‘totally banned”. And by the way –in my link above you will find this —
          Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka was the first country to issue a nationwide ban on glyphosate.
          And was trumps weak executive order banning anyone from select countries a “ban” ? remember that fiasco ? trump said it was a ban, his spokesperson and top advisor both berated reporters for asking about the ban and claimed it was not a ban.

    • Andrew– I said it is banned in a “tremendous” number of countries– look at the link– my statement is not false. Perhaps we have a misunderstanding about the word “tremendous” . According to our so called president, a “tremendous number” could be one, or less. Historically, presidents have made up and defined words. Many words have actually oranged with presidents. If trump has redefined “tremendous’ so be it– deal with it. Elections have consequences.

  3. Banned or band?
    I’m pretty sure I recently heard a really cool, neat song by the band “Glyphosate”.
    The song if my memory serves me well is “I may have small hands but at least, I have a big imagination”

    • oaks bluff— I think some here are confused about the word “band”. It in not a verb, but a proper noun.
      I think they (The Band) time traveled so they could write this relevant lyric concerning our current so called president.
      Now yonder stands a man in this lonely crowd
      A man who swears he’s not to blame
      All day long I hear him shouting so loud
      Just crying out that he was framed

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