Vineyarders pack Ag Hall to support Flat Point Farm


In the wake of a ruinous fire at Flat Point Farm, the Fischer family got to bask in the gaiety and gratitude of hundreds of their fellow Islanders, who brought with them homemade food, art, and music, and so filled the fields around the Ag Hall with their cars and trucks, it looked like the first day of the Fair.

In essence, it was a Thanksgiving in April. Banks of tables at opposite ends of the hall strewn with kitchen handiwork from every corner of the Island, circulated around by hungry folks who, inevitably, gravitated to the Fischers’ central table and gave a hug, a handshake, or warm words, all while balancing a heaping plate.

Allen Whiting, Jack Ryan, Alison Shaw, Jocelyn Filley, and numerous other Island artists hung donated work in the hall’s antechamber, where logs burned in the fireplace and volunteers sold a never-ending stream of tickets.

With mic and guitar, Kate Taylor kicked off a who’s who procession of Vineyard musical talent that by 7:30 pm whipped up a dancing horde of young, old, and in between on the plank floor.

“I can’t even tell you how it warms my heart to see all these faces here,” Ag Society president Brian Athearn told the crowd. “I just want to say thank you for coming out to help benefit Flat Point Farm. It’s been an amazing, amazing night — everybody pulling together, all the volunteers … everybody that helped donate time and food. It’s a beautiful thing. It makes me proud to be from Martha’s Vineyard.”

A separate GoFundMe initiative has raised $118,000 for the farm.