Beach Road Weekend coined for summer festival

Businesses and charities have a chance to get in on three-day event.

Beach Road Weekend promoter Adam Epstein, shown here at a Tisbury selectmen's meeting, says he wanted to rent school buses locally to keep money on-Island.

The three-day music festival scheduled for August 9 to 11 in Vineyard Haven now has a name — Beach Road Weekend.

In a press release issued late Wednesday, Innovation Arts & Entertainment announced the name of the three-day festival at Veterans Memorial Park in Vineyard Haven that will kick off with a showing of the movie “Jaws,” with a symphony orchestra playing the Martha’s Vineyard–based film’s haunting score.

Beach Road Weekend, which is being promoted by Island seasonal resident Adam Epstein, has been the talk of the Vineyard since it was first introduced as a concept in December. Proponents have praised it as an innovative idea that will bring visitors to Vineyard Haven and create a showcase event for Tisbury like the fireworks are for Oak Bluffs. Opponents have raised concerns with traffic, possible public drinking, and noise.

Epstein has been working with town leaders to hammer out an agreement to ease fears about the burden the festival will put on public safety and town services. Some agreements have been reached, though there are still loose ends to be finalized, including whether the event will be allowed to serve alcohol.

Epstein has said the show will go forward whether the town approves alcohol sales or not.

The lineup for the event has not been announced. According to the release, anyone interested in getting information about the festival lineup and ticket announcements can sign up for the Martha’s Vineyard Concert E-Club at

Meanwhile, Beach Road Weekend is offering two community outreach initiatives — merchant partnerships and Adopt-a-Lot programs. “The MV Concert Series Merchant Partnership and Adopt-a-Lot programs allow local businesses and charities to leverage MV Concert Series events to reach new customer bases, and benefit from the buzz and excitement surrounding the series,” the release states.

Businesses will receive incentives by becoming “official ticket outlets” for the festival during a special two-week presale event. “For two weeks, before tickets are available to the public online, official MV Concert Series business partners will be the only points of sale for tickets, so ticket purchasers will be required to visit Island businesses to purchase tickets,” the release states. “The MV Concert Series will run a comprehensive media-backed advertising campaign promoting the Official Ticket Seller locations that we hope to

The logo for this summer’s event.

drive traffic to our partner stores. Beach Road Weekend tickets sold thru our Official Ticket Outlet sellers will be discounted $10 for the customers who purchase a product from any Official Ticket Outlet during this two-week period, and each Official Ticket Seller will keep the $10 handling fee per ticket they sell.”

The Adopt-a-Lot program offers local charities an opportunity to raise money for their programs by securing parking lots that can hold 20 or more vehicles to provide parking for Beach Road Weekend.




  1. Close Skiff Ave. for three days in August and consider letting a thousand plus crowd to drink alcohol at a concert in down town Tisbury. The back up at State and Edgartown intersection will be historic we will be talking about it well into December, without the pop off valve of Skiff Ave. I foresee misery for many people trying to go shopping for food and other sundries of life. Where do the BOS live fantasy island?

    • It’s already like that in August. Now enjoy music as you’re waiting in traffic. I would think Skiff ave residents would welcome this to reduce “pop off” traffic from driving the cut through.

      • BB: wow you think the people who pay taxes an live on Skiff Ave will welcome the concert you sir must be from OB

        • Skiff and Causeway will be closed off to any traffic except residents and their guests. We have committed to providing police protection for the homes on both streets for the duration of the festival. Additionally, the sound system we have secured for the bands can target sound in such a way that there won’t be any music audible on either street during the event.

        • Serious question. If traffic is a concern every year, wouldn’t those residents welcome less traffic over one of the busiest traffic weekends of the year because the concert would not allow thru traffic except for residents?

        • We’ve consulted with residents on Skiff and Causeway and are also planning a town hall meeting for them in person so we can explain how their homes will be protected and how the sound system will render the music inaudible in residential areas.

      • Why, the traffic will be a disaster, for three days backups to the phone company building
        on Edgartown Rd, on State Rd backup to Cronigs and past Packers coming from OB. It is well known the traffic already makes many of us wonder when our “leaders” will address the issue of traffic flow and what do they do?, they add to the problem, as far as any extra revenue derived from this misconceived adventure who will be able to get to the stores in Town. This is a idea whose time is past. The idea that the bus traffic on Skiff and Causeway will be preferable for three days is a farce.

        • Why not take an active stance here and try to offer your experience to improve the system. We at the festival management, are doing exactly as you ask and addressing the issue, and you’re beating us up. We have open dialogues and engage in constructive communication with police, fire, end, and public works to fix the problem. I request that rather than throwing missives in social media, you join us to find a resolution.

          The only farce here is how anyone can expect to fix a problem by posting on a message board. Come on board and help us drive policy in a positive way.

          • I disagree sir, a farce is putting on an event and claim it is for the community good. No good will come from this misadventure except maybe the BOS of Tisbury will learn from their latest mistake, maybe not. Of course you understand you are responsible for the welfare of all concert goers and those in proximity to the event. The only I only hope your security team is up to the task to transporting an injured concert goer or one with an MI, by the way how many AED’s will you have on hand and are you donating them to Tisbury establishments after the event?

        • We’ve had backups where you say before a concert was announced, for years. Stop creating fear when you have no clue. You sound angry and your criticism going forward is not being listened to by me.

  2. Adam, this forum is not meant to be a platform of constructive criticism.
    Here we have a selection of people who take potshots at anybody who dares to think outside of the box.
    Personally, I am very excited that something “fun” is coming to, Yawn, Vineyard Haven.
    BRAVO! I fully support this concert.

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