Osprey, live from Lagoon Pond

Two Osprey build their nest near Lagoon Pond. — Screenshot

The Oak Bluffs Water District announced Tuesday a live osprey webcam is now available for public view.

“As part of our renovations to the Lagoon Pond water pumping station, the supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) needed to be upgraded. The new SCADA equipment is now located at the top of the existing chimney that once emitted exhaust from the coal boiler for the pump station,” Kevin Johnson, the town’s water superintendent, said in the release.

A nest was removed in the fall during masonry repairs. Osprey returned last month and began rebuilding a nest.

Johnson thanked employees at the water district and osprey expert Gus Ben David for working on the project.

To view the webcam, visit bit.ly/ospreycamob.


  1. I don’t know– osprey’s have no privacy ? perhaps next year we will have live cams on our elected officials ? or all of us ? oaks bluff– i look forward to your take on this ….

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