Cindi Martin offered position as new airport director

Martha's Vineyard Airport is getting a $1.2 million federal grant to help with the loss of revenue from a drop in traffic. - George Brennan

Updated April 16

Former airport director for Glacier Park International Airport, Cindi Martin, has been offered a position as the new airport director for Martha’s Vineyard Airport.

If Martin accepts the contract proposed by the airport, she will take over for former airport director Ann Richart, who will fly to Nebraska after announcing her acceptance of a job as state aviation director of Nebraska.

Martin said she has not yet accepted the position, and will review the contract offered by the airport and make her decision at a later date. She was one of four finalists for the post considered on Monday by the airport commission. Geoff Freeman, the assistant airport manager, was one of the four up for consideration.

When asked her feelings on being offered the position, Martin said she is “deeply honored to have such a great opportunity,” and said that she loves the dynamic of the tiny Island community.

Airport commissioner Bob Rosenbaum said he was very excited about all the candidates, even before the finalists were decided upon. He said the search committee and the search firm ADK Consulting put in “a lot of hard work” narrowing down the options and finding candidates who were best suited for the position.

Rosenbaum expressed his admiration for Martin in all facets of airport management. “Everyone was very impressed with her. We had a hard choice,” Rosenbaum said. “Cindi has a strong sense of understanding of the community she is working in.”

Since Glacier Park International Airport experiences lots of seasonal visitors, Rosenbaum said Martin is already familiar with a fluctuating population and knows how to deal with airports during the peak season, as well as during the off-season.

“Cindi has great experience in all aspects of the position; she is organized, has lots of experience in management, and in all cases has worked hard to be involved in the community,” Rosenbaum said.

Right now, Rosenbaum said Martin’s main concern is housing, and the airport is scrambling to find some good housing prospects for her.

“Just like everyone else on-Island, Cindi’s main issue is finding reliable housing. We are looking to find a good option for her,” Rosenbaum said.

One important element Rosenbaum said the commission had to consider when choosing Martin for the position was how she worked with other members of the airport.

He noted how well Martin and Freeman got along, and said there “seems to be great compatibility there.”

“This is one of the reasons we chose Cindi, we saw that she and Geoff would work very well together,” Rosenbaum said.

Rosenbaum said Geoff is doing an impressive job in the position he is in, and stressed how valuable he is to the airport. “I have known Geoff for 20 years now, back when I first came to the Island,” Rosenbaum said. “I have great respect for him. He is very dedicated and has vast institutional knowledge.”

Updated with more comments from Rosenbaum – Ed.