Other ways to deal with geese


To the Editor:

I read the article in The Times about the geese and the meeting with a few individual farmers, and representatives from Golf Courses, the Agricultural Society & the USDA.

We appreciate that some are now open to humane solutions with green technology and are having this conversation before accepting the harsh USDA option of mass slaughter. We also understand that some farmers have been dealing with the geese issue for some time now and are quite frustrated. However this has been the natural territory  of many of these geese and their ancestors long before we arrived and we know that attempting to obliterate them is not the answer. Where would this stop? Will the turkeys be next? The ducks? How about the seagulls?

The USDA solutions offered for the massive killing of 2,000 geese on the Island is quite disturbing and we are asking the community to explore alternative options.

We would like to know what the next steps will be, and when this can be brought before the public to discuss options and alternatives. We would also like to know the timeline involved, since the USDA plans to give this small group a budget, to move forward, as soon as today.

Here, for example, are just a few alternatives for further study that would be peaceful and less expensive. We are not the first community to be confronted with such decisions. There are humane options: bit.ly/ganderdisbander, bit.ly/awaygeese, and bit.ly/geesehumane.

We will be exploring other solutions and speaking with wildlife groups and the humane society in an effort to present a more peaceful and humane solution. We hope that this group of farmers and the Agricultural Society will do the same, and keep the conversation open with the community and inform us of their next steps.

Jackie Kane