Abortion bill is inhumane


To the Editor:

The Massachusetts legislature works on many bills, and then some are passed into law without the public having any idea that they were even discussed. I would like to inform the public of a bill the legislature is discussing right now. It is Bill SD 1209, called “An Act to Remove Obstacles and Expand Abortion Access.” It is better known as the Roe Act.

Our country is so divided on pro-life and pro-choice that I know it is difficult for people to discuss any of the facts in a rational way. Most people look at it as all or nothing. I would like to point out some of the aspects of this bill that go beyond just access to abortion.

The law now states that a minor must have parental, guardian, or court consent before an abortion can be performed. This new law eliminates that, so that any minor can go into an abortion facility and get an abortion. No questions asked. Now, by law, anyone who works with children must report any signs of abuse, or they are liable for prosecution. With the Roe Act, a 13-year-old could get an abortion, and no one is accountable to check the circumstances on who or how she became pregnant. This seems to open a wide window for older or adult predators, or even sex trafficking. Is that what we really want for our minor children?

Our abortion laws now state that if an abortion is attempted on a possibly viable child, “the physician performing the abortion shall take all reasonable steps … to preserve the life and health of the aborted child.” The new law eliminates all of that. If a child survives an abortion attempt, it enables passive infanticide (through exposure). If a baby is actually born alive during an abortion, the physician is allowed to just let the baby die. What kind of society leaves a baby on a table to just struggle for its last breath?

Now it is illegal for a woman to get an abortion after 24 weeks, unless the mother’s life is at risk or there is a severe abnormality in the baby. The new law abolishes this, and an abortion could be obtained right up to birth, and it does not need to be in a hospital. What could be more barbaric than to pierce a fully formed baby’s heart with a lethal dose of digoxin to cause a cardiac arrest? The new law does not eliminate any means of an abortion, including partial-birth abortion, where the baby’s head is crushed and then is pulled from the womb limb by limb.

Roe will require that Healthy Start funds to be used to pay for abortions for middle-class women who do not have Medicaid or MassHealth. Ironically, Healthy Start is a program begun to lower infant mortality rates, and serve underprivileged and at-risk mothers. 

If you are pro-life, I hope that you would be against such an extreme law, but even if you are pro-choice, I hope that you would think about the saying that abortions should be rare, safe, and legal. This law is not safe, especially for minors, nor is it humane in the way we kill the baby. How can any reasonable society let a law pass that allows us to just let live babies die with no help?

Please contact our representatives and let them know that this law is too extreme even for pro-choice voters. Email, call, or write your representative to let them know you feel this law is too extreme: Senator Julian Cyr, 617-722-1570, email: Julian.Cyr@masenate.gov, and Representative Dylan Fernandes, 617-722-2430, email: Dylan.Fernandes@mahouse.gov. Or you can go to bit.ly/MAabortionbill to sign a petition against Bill SD 1209.


Donna Gazaille


  1. A thoughtful letter with no accusations or hysteria. Unfortunately the writers position will be met with acrimony and attack. This bill doesnt do that they will say. There is no infanticide which is just hype they will say. This should be between a mother and her doctor and will change the subject. The pro choice groups want no push back for fear or Roe/Wade repeal. Any yet most of the country wants some limitation on abortion just as most want some limitation on guns. Fear of total repeal bothers both issues.

    • Andrew– why don’t you give us a thoughtful opinion, rather than just hysterically stating what ” they will say.”

      • dondondon. My thoughtful opinion is that this bill allows infanticide. Why dont you research it and tell me it does not. You never resist an opportunity to take a swing at me rather than argue on the merits. If you think partial birth abortion is fine just tell us.

        • Andrew– look at my comment below–I am directly quoting the bill — let me quote it again “all medically necessary care relative to pregnancy, including but not limited to abortion, care to maintain health during the course of the pregnancy and delivery, and newborn hospital care”
          Just what do you think “newborn hospital care” is ?
          Show me where this bill states “The baby can be born alive and left to die”
          I am arguing the merits– I am reading the bill—
          If it happens that someone misrepresents what is in the bill, I will challenge them about it..
          Let me be clear– there is nothing in this bill that allows for a baby to be born alive and left to die.
          If you feel I am “taking a swing at you”, that is your opinion, and you have every right to feel that way– but quit whining, and defend your statement..
          We are talking about a serious subject here, and if someone lies about the content of the bill, I will call a lie a lie..

    • Thank you Tennisstar36!! I was also going to post the bill, noting that none of what the author says will happen as a result of this bill.

  2. Tennisstar36. No you re read the bill and you will see that is clearly an infanticide bill and a partial birth abortion bill. The baby can be born alive and left to die. It is very clear. There is no misrepresentation even though the liberals like you would like it to be.

    • Andrew– exactly where does the bill say “the baby can be born alive and left to die” ? That is certainly not clear to me.. What is clear to me is that the bill actually does mandate newborn hospital care.
      (i) all medically necessary care relative to pregnancy, including but not limited to
      50 abortion, care to maintain health during the course of the pregnancy and delivery, and newborn
      51 hospital care;
      Please quit stating what “they”, liberals, democrats etc, are going to say and making up stuff you would like them to say.
      And please– find the passage in this bill that clearly states a baby can be “left to die”.

      You may be ok with the lying that goes on within the current administration, and think it is ok for them to just make stuff up. But we on the left still hold some moral values, and I for one, will call a lie a lie.
      Defend your statement….

  3. After 24 weeks “When necessary to protect the patient’s life or physical or mental health, or in cases of lethal fetal anomalies, or where the fetus is incompatible with sustained life outside the uterus.” Show me where it clearly states that you can murder a healthy newborn baby.

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