Art exhibit and reception by Caitlin Bingham

Local artist Caitlin Bingham's paintings "capture emotion through an abstraction of the natural world." —Caitlin Bingham

On Saturday, May 4, from 3:30 to 5 pm, there will be an art reception at the West Tisbury library featuring the work of local artist Caitlin Bingham. According to a press release, this exhibit, titled “A Florist’s Interpretation,” includes paintings that “capture emotion through an abstraction of the natural world.” This exhibit will be displayed in the library’s community room throughout the month of May. The reception is free and open to the public. Refreshments will be served.

Ms. Bingham grew up in Vermont, living on the land that her grandfather farmed for many years. She has now settled on Martha’s Vineyard after graduating from the New Hampshire Institute of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting. Her inspiration is fueled from her connection to nature, both her grandfather’s farmland and the magical scenery of the Island. Her work is a representation of the serene softness of the Island which she calls her home. She is inspired by the blurred and undefined horizon and the saturated hues that dance along the sky and reflect from the water. She works primarily with oils, and has a traditional approach to her paintings.

Bingham says, “Inspired by my hours spent carefully sowing seeds and delicately arranging individual stems, I have grown an appreciation for the deep rooted details of each flower. Interpreting the subtle movements and intricacies often overlooked in the familiar, I capture the emotion of the natural world through a focus on form and subtle abstraction.”