Request made to name school after late Ed Jerome

Edgartown is being asked to name its school after the late Ed Jerome. — Lucas Thors

According to a letter from Superintendent Matt D’Andrea, a formal request was submitted to rename the Edgartown School after the late principal, educator, and beloved Islander Edward Jerome, who died last fall.

Tisbury School Principal John Custer worked closely with Jerome during his time at the Edgartown School, and served on the board of the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby with him as well. Custer said, although he is not a member of the Edgartown community, renaming the school after Jerome “would be a remarkable and appropriate way to honor Ed and his memory.”

“Ed is someone who personally has had such a huge impact on me. I can’t think of someone who has meant more to me besides my own father,” Custer said.

Jerome was also the president of the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby, and an avid fisherman and sailor.

“The nomination letter was supported with several notes and petitions of support from school, town, and Island community members. Mr. Jerome served as principal of the Edgartown School for 26 years, from 1979 to 2005, and oversaw the construction of the new Edgartown School building in 2001. Ed was both a well-respected educator and a valued community member,” D’Andrea wrote.

D’Andrea wrote that he would make a recommendation at the June 5 school committee meeting based on this request. He asked in the letter for anyone interested in providing input to contact him directly at

“The naming of a town building in one’s honor is among the highest forms of recognition, and I want to be sure that all Edgartown stakeholders have the opportunity to provide input,” D’Andrea wrote.


  1. One hopes there will be no hesitation honoring the contributions Ed made to our community in naming the school as requested. Many give of their time and skills but so few do it with the grace, dignity and selflessness of Ed Jerome. Ed’s service represents what is good in people and actions we should all emulate. Please perpetuate his contribution with this honor.
    Harold Chapdelaine

  2. Im sorry but I prefer the Edgartown school. It was the place where Bill Clinton did his press conferences while visiting the island. It also goes with the theme of the island where the schools have the towns name.

  3. Please, I beg of you…do NOT rename the Edgartown School !!
    These things always happen in the passion of the moment, and are not always good choices…
    Not everyone has the same experience, for some this would not be an appropriate thing to do.
    The community name, “Edgartown School”, has served many well since the day it was built! If it ain’t broke…..
    The “Edgartown School” name stands for all, not just for some.
    There is no good reason to change it’s name for anyone or anything.
    If one wants to honor someone, plant a tree, put up a plaque, name a program for the individual…but do not take our Edgartown school name away!!
    It has been hard enough having our beautiful old building demolished, lets not take away anymore history that means so much to so many!!
    How about a petition in opposition to the change?
    Short of that, how about just some good old community spirit and common sense!

  4. Couldn’t we honor him without renaming the school? Absolutely no offense meant to Ed or his family. I would be happy to see a tree or a bench with his name on it in school grounds. The school should remain named The Edgartown School.

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