More fox news in Woods Hole

Three foxes are seen in the WHOI Visitor Center parking lot in Woods Hole Wednesday evening. — Josephine Brennan

Three foxes were spotted behind the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution visitor center on School Street in Woods Hole, Thursday evening. Several sightings over the past few weeks have prompted concern that the creatures could stow away on board a Steamship Authority vessel, making their way to the Island.

Suzan Bellincampi, director of Felix Neck Wildlife Sanctuary, spoke to the Times last week amid the many sightings, saying it’s a matter of when, not if, foxes will return to the Island.

For now, these foxes seemed content to play in the newly paved lot behind the visitor center, and roll around in the surrounding grass, and make their occasional pass through the terminal parking lot


  1. The article is unclear as to whether fox are indigenous to the island, just a reference that they will return.
    Do they eat skunks ?

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