World Series trophy takes a tour of the Vineyard

Fans get their chance to mug with Red Sox championship hardware.


The 2018 Red Sox World Series trophy took a tour of the Vineyard Tuesday and Wednesday, stopping at restaurants, schools, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, and even a Yankee fan’s house.

Through the efforts of Red Sox senior manager of entertainment Dan Lyons, Red Sox head of security and seasonal Edgartown resident Dave Brady, and the Vineyard’s own Mike Santoro, Islanders were able to get a picture with the gleaming trophy as it made the Vineyard rounds.

Earlier in the day, Santoro, who is the new owner of Net Result in Vineyard Haven, brought the trophy to show his employees and customers. His timing couldn’t have been better, as former secretary of state and Chilmark resident John Kerry was at Net Result getting some food.

Santoro said he loved bringing the trophy to the kids at the Oak Bluffs Elementary School and to patients and employees at the hospital.

“It’s great being friends with [Lyons] and [Brady],” Santoro said. “Today was really rewarding.”

Lyons also brought the trophy to Spike Lee’s house. Lee is a noted Yankees fan, but he invited Lyons over to get a picture of the trophy with the Yankees flag billowing in the background.

The trophy hasn’t been to the Vineyard since 2005 (or to Yankee Stadium since 2009, right, Spike?).

Lyons said he was happy to bring the trophy back to the Island. “It was long overdue,” he said.