Chappy down to one ferry



Well, there couldn’t be a worse time for a ferry breakdown, but that’s what the Chappy Ferry is dealing with on Saturday and it’s causing major backups in Edgartown, according to a Times employee on the scene.

The On Time II had to be towed and is being worked on. That leaves only one ferry to move passengers and cars between Edgartown and Chappaquiddick Island on a spectacular sun-splashed day.

There was a piece of mooring rope that got sucked up into and wrapped into the housing. A worker, Ryan Bottary, 18, is in the water in a wet suit trying to get it dislodged. He’s gotten 23 feet of it out and is going back in to get the rest.

It went out at 12 and will likely be another hour before it’s fully functional. He’s worked there since he was 16 and has never seen anything like this.

They connected another ferry to pull it out of the way.

According to Capt. Becca LaMarche, there are four workers just doing crowd control and the On Time III has carried 442 passengers, which is a lot for one boat.

“We’re working at hyper speed,” she said. “We’re doing whatever we can.”



  1. 442 passengers on one boat ?– on time III is a little boat– I’m surprised coast guard regulations allow that many people on such a small boat ! Lucky it didn’t capsize—
    Sorry George, I couldn’t resist–feel free to delete 🙂

  2. sorry again George– Usually if you quote someone who has “never seen anything like this” you might expect they have been around for a while– that’s the kind of quote you use when people who have been living in some place for 80 years are talking about a flood. You can delete this one also– Just phuquing with you a bit — all in fun.. 😉

    • He has worked for the Chappy Ferry for two years. It’s not as if he has no experience, despite his age.

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