Chappy ‘Point to Point’ road race comes to the Vineyard

Selectmen discuss the Point to Point road race on Chappy. — Lucas Thors

Edgartown selectmen met with Richard Schifter, a seasonal resident of Chappaquiddick, to discuss a “Point to Point” road race that will start in the Wasque fishermen’s parking lot and run to the ferry.

“The idea is that before the race, the Trustees vans will be available to transport runners from Chappy Point to the fishermen’s lot, where the race will commence,” Schifter said.

Proceeds from the race will benefit the Chappy Community Center and The Trustees of Reservations Martha’s Vineyard Fund.

Schifter said the road race now has a steering committee of approximately 18 members, most of whom have properties on Chappy or are full-time residents.

The road race will be hosted by the Martha’s Vineyard Running Co., which puts on most of the Island races. “They’re quite experienced with it,” Schifter said.

Road race organizers met with Edgartown Police Chief Bruce McNamee to assess the feasibility of doing the race in the busy summer months.

Schifter said a date of June 30 was decided, with the race starting at 8:30 am to minimize traffic disruptions.

McNamee said he plans on hiring four extra officers to work during racetime, but said it is difficult to determine how much extra help is necessary because there isn’t a past Chappy race to reference.

Organizers also spoke with Edgartown Fire Chief Alex Schaeffer to determine what amount of emergency response personnel would need to be available during the race. Both the Edgartown harbormaster and the superintendent of highways have agreed to allow the race, and the superintendent even offered to fix some potholes to “minimize the risk of sprained ankles,” Schifter said.

“Even with minimal publicity, reception of the idea has been great. We have lined up 20 corporate sponsors, and 30 families or individuals on Chappy have also agreed to sponsor this,” Schifter said.

Right now, 50 people have signed up for the race. Schifter said his goal is 75 runners, and if the race is really popular, they will cap participation at 150 people.


  1. They should start the race at the ferry and have busses to bring the runners back after the race.

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