Big dead ray under long Tisbury pier

What appears to be an electric torpedo ray washed up on the beach in Vineyard Haven behind the Shell gas station. A quarter is shown next to it for scale.

A dead ray under one of the Tisbury Wharf Co. piers has become a Facebook star as Islanders try to identify the species. So far, most commenters, including Times WildSide columnist Matt Pelikan, believe the deceased creature is a torpedo ray, a fish related to sharks that can generate an electric current. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution scientist Joel Llopiz identified it as an Atlantic torpedo, Tetronarce nobiliana. The ray can emit a 220 volt charge, “enough to knock you down but not kill you,” Llopiz emailed.

Folks at Tisbury Wharf Co were unaware the ray was under the pier and planned to take a look and inform the harbormaster.