Stop and smell the roses and admire the art

“Stripes of Summer,” photograph, featured in last year's "Blooming Art" show. — Joann Frechette

We often think of pairing a fine wine with a certain dish as a way to enhance the interplay of flavor and texture. This same idea (and the Museum of Fine Art’s famous “Art in Bloom” show) is what inspired the Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club to marry flowers and art for a great cause: their annual Blooming Art Show. This year, the show will take place Thursday, June 20, through Sunday, June 23.

Each piece of art on display will be accompanied by a floral arrangement influenced by the art. The goal of the juxtaposition is to provoke a viewer to unearth new tones in the artist’s illustration. Floral designers from the garden club’s nearly 200 members from all over the Island will assemble the arrangements.

Attendees can admire works by about 40 Vineyard favorites, including Alison Shaw, Joann Frechette, Taeger di Pietro, and Don Sibley.

Art show goers can see what floral design will complement Washington Ledesma’s quirky ceramics or Kent Ravenscroft’s lifelike sculpture. Or whether the floral designers will be literal and attempt to match Marianne Neill’s dreamy bouquet paintings.

A large portion of the proceeds will go towards the preservation and restoration of the Old Mill, a historic Island building dating back to before 1760 and home to the garden club. The rest will fund a scholarship for one Vineyard high school student pursuing a field related to environmental studies.

The event is open to art and flower lovers young and old, but especially those willing to attend the opening night celebration for $50. In the days following, admission is $5.