Geoff Rose has proven himself


To the Editor:

Over the past six years, I’ve watched Geoff Rose navigate a daunting gauntlet of federal, state, and municipal rules and regulations with patience and forthrightness, to bring the safe and responsible use of marijuana to patients and customers alike on Martha’s Vineyard. His unflagging commitment has been tested at all levels, starting in 2013 when he and three other applicants were all turned down for a medical marijuana license. He was the only one to repeat the arduous application process. His perseverance proved successful, and he was granted a license in 2016 to provide medical marijuana. The roadblocks continued as he was faced with opposition from neighbors in the Light Industrial District of West Tisbury when trying to set up his combined cultivation building and dispensary — all in compliance with the town bylaws. Geoff chose to listen to their concerns, and decided to establish a separate dispensary on State Road, at an increased cost and operational challenge for him.
Now, his attempts to open a marijuana retail shop in Vineyard Haven have been met with pushback by local business establishments. Based on Geoff’s experience in West Tisbury, I have confidence that he will work with the business community to find a viable solution. He has reached out extensively to the community with meetings and talking one on one with concerned individuals. We need to support Geoff in his efforts so that he can see the process through to the end, and we can, at long last, get what we voted for and have been waiting to have on the Island. Not to mention, 6 percent of gross revenues go back into the community for capital improvements and public safety, and more local jobs created. Thank you, Geoff, for staying the course.

Basia Jaworska
Vineyard Haven


  1. Well, it sounds like Mr. Rose should listen to the Woodlawn business community, concerned parents, and local politicians and find a different location to open up shop. If he is that concerned about the community, than I’m sure he’ll find another location, as he has in the past. Im sure it would be a breeze what with, “His unflagging commitment”, and how “Geoff chose to listen to their concerns and decided to establish a separate dispensary on State Road, at an increased cost and operational challenge for him.”
    That’s the point here. It is an unsuitable location. period. Mr. Rose can be all that you say he is, just not operating near our children and an addict recovery center.

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