It’s credit or debit at Tisbury LDO 


The town of Tisbury’s local dropoff (essentially the town’s transfer station for trash) will soon only be accepting debit/credit cards and checks with a new point of sale system.

Receipts can be printed, emailed, or texted at the time of sale. 

The new system goes into effect July 1, though DPW director Ray Tattersall told The Times that it’s being tested. He expects there will be some pushback to the “no cash” at the LDO, but over time people will adjust to the new system.

“This will help us keep track of what’s being dumped up there,” he said.


  1. What if someone doesn’t have any of the accounts mentioned above because they do not have a social security # or for any other reason ? This is a government instillation. I doubt it is legal to refuse cash. Printed on every bill ,there is a sentence that states “this note is legal tender for all debts, public and private ” I’m gonna agree with MYOB on this one. It sets a bad precedent.

    I also wonder how only taking debit and credit cards yields data about “what’s being dumped up there”.
    Will they somehow know that I dumped 3 cans of junk from cleaning out my garden shed, as opposed to 3 cans of common household trash because I used a credit card ? And won’t the refuse district have to pay a 3 or 4 % transaction fee ? No problem I guess, just pass the cost on to the residents of the town.
    Something stinks —
    Sounds more like the managers don’t trust the employees.

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