Passengers broil on MV Nantucket

A passenger says it got too hot for comfort on the MV Nantucket Sunday. - Rich Saltzberg

On Sunday, air conditioning issues caused temperatures to soar inside the MV Nantucket. The Steamship Authority and a passenger aboard the ferry give different accounts of why this happened.

“It was reported that when the MV Nantucket was being offloaded and loaded yesterday afternoon in Woods Hole, the interior temperature rose due to the embarkation doors being open and the influx of passengers boarding the vessel and remaining in the passenger cabin because of the rain,” SSA general manager Robert Davis wrote in an email. “While the HVAC unit was operating, it was, however, unable to maintain the programmed temperature for a brief period of time.”

Marla Tucker, who was aboard the 2:50 departure from Oak Bluffs said, “There was no rain for the whole trip.”

She described the interior of the vessel as “hot as hell,” and her husband, who is a chef and used to hot spaces, felt faint. “We sat outside in the sun because it was so hot inside,” she said. 

While outside, she saw two SSA crewmembers in white shirts pushing on the top of the outer vehicle door to get it to close. One of them was standing on the black deck railing to do so. When the hydraulics finally kicked in and the door began to close, all the passengers clapped, she said.