Chickens, cows, and sheep, oh my!

Hands-on at the Grey Barn’s Kids Farm Experience.


The Grey Barn and Farm at 22 South Rd. in Chilmark, hosts a variety of activities during the summer months, including a weekly Kids Farm Experience, 10 to 11 am on Mondays. Perfect for families and children, the farm experience offers a glimpse of a working farm up close, explained owner Molly Glasgow. 

“We sit and read some books that are somehow related to the farm, or a specific animal on the farm. Each week we try to focus on a different animal: cows, chickens, pigs, sheep …” Glasgow said. After a story, families are brought out on the farm to visit the animal that they were talking about, and of course, pass by other livestock along the way. Glasgow said she always tries to be sure to stop by the chickens. “They’re free-range, so the kids can just wander around with them,” she said.

Back at the farm stand after the tour, Glasgow says she has a craft, and usually some refreshments available for attendees of the Kids Farm Experience. “We’ve made sheep out of cotton balls and chicks out of feathers,” she said. “It’s a great opportunity for kids and families to ask questions.”

The Kids Farm Experience offers something different each week, and is ideal for kids up to age 10, Glasgow said. Kids can chase chickens, climb on a tractor, even sketch a drawing of a baby lamb while they’re at the farm.

The experience is $10 per child and $5 per adult. No advance reservations are required.